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This page is designed to compile all known ways to attend a free advanced movie screening, both online and offline. If you live in Houston and know of other providers or offers in your area, please leave a comment and help us out.

General Providers

When you attend enough advanced screenings, you start to notice that the same providers keep sponsoring them. So it's in your interest to find out more about these providers.

1. Local Radio

Generally, local radio stations can give out screening passes six ways:
  • Listen to win: "Our 29th caller gets tickets for two to see.."
  • Pass pick-up: "Drop by our station office and pick up passes..."
  • Expo or festival: "Stop by our booth and be sure to grab tix..."
  • Follow the van: "Our wacky afternoon DJ has driven the prize van over to some local business and is giving away free hot dogs and movie passes!"
  • Point system: "Join our listeners club, and when you earn enough points..."
  • Online contests: "Enter by Monday. We'll select five winners then to attend..."
104.1 KRBE will feature an advanced screening among its contests fairly regularly. Majic 102.1 has a movie screening section on its contest page; looks like you listen to win.

Then check Newsradio 740, 790 The Sports Animal, 93Q, 94.5 The Buzz, 95.7 The Wave, Mix 96.5, Legends 97.1, Sunny 99.1, 100.3 KILT, 106.9 The Point, and 107.5 K-Hits.

Feel free to find other local stations by using Radio Locator or your favorite Internet search engine.

2. Local Print

The Houston Chronicle has a reliable contest page for movie screenings. Make sure you check the page in a timely fashion; entries are usually due about 3-5 days before the screening date.

You should also look for any weekly or community papers that you might find in libraries or in colorful boxes along city sidewalks. Both the Houston Press and the Houston Community Newspapers have online contests.

on't forget to check the print editions of the above papers to see if any additional movies are offered.

3. Local TV

Salsa TV is a very reliable screening provider based in Houston. Here's how it works: they post the date and city of a movie screening weeks in advance, but won't say anything further. You need to check back a day or two before the event; they'll let you know when and where to pick up passes. Usually it's at the TV station or a business that's close to the theater.

ABC 13 may offer a movie among its contests and promotions. NBC 2 provides movie-related prizes, if not screenings. Also try The CW and The Tube 55.

4. Local Internet

Aside from the above providers, we know of no local websites that address advanced film screenings. Please let us know if you find one.

5. Regional and National Internet

Sign up for a free membership in the Landmark Theatres Film Club and receive notices about screenings by e-mail.

Film Metro has gone national and may offer screenings just about anywhere. Take a look and see if your city is included.

Be sure to check the national forums at Fat Wallet and Slick Deals as well. THE MOVIE OUTSIDER has a representative that posts offers on each of those forums, and compiles a list of screenings by city that links back to here. More importantly, other members in the forums will relay info about multi-city screenings sponsored by the movie studios and PR firms. Use these sites in tandem, and you'll get about as much publicly available information as possible.

Specific Offers

27 DRESSES (otherwise opens January 11)

Salsa TV screening -- read about Salsa TV above!
Tuesday, Jan. 8, time/location TBA

Houston Chronicle screening
Tuesday, Jan. 8, time and location unknown

THE BUCKET LIST (already in limited release)

Houston Chronicle screening
Monday, Jan. 7, time and location unknown

CLOVERFIELD (otherwise opens January 18)

Salsa TV screenings -- read about Salsa TV above!
Wednesday, Jan. 16, time and location TBA
(in Houston and Rio Grande Valley)

FIRST SUNDAY (otherwise opens January 11)

Salsa TV screening -- read about Salsa TV above!
Tuesday, Jan. 8, time and location TBA

Houston Chronicle screening
Wednesday, Jan. 9, time and location unknown

ABC 13 screening
Date, time, and location unknown

MAD MONEY (otherwise opens January 18)

Salsa TV screening -- read about Salsa TV above!
Date, time, and location TBA

ONE MISSED CALL (otherwise opens January 4)

Salsa TV screening -- read about Salsa TV above!
Thursday, Jan. 3, time and location TBA

THE ORPHANAGE (already in limited release)

Houston Chronicle screening
Thursday, Jan. 10, time and location unknown

THERE WILL BE BLOOD (already in limited release)

Houston Chronicle screening
Thursday, Jan. 10, time and location unknown

UNTRACEABLE (otherwise opens January 25)

Salsa TV screening -- read about Salsa TV above!
Tuesday, Jan. 22, time/location TBA


Ken McWatters said...

The KRBE website has a contest page to win passes to upcoming screenings. Currently there are screenings for Cloverfield 1/15 and Mad Money 1/17. Follow this link.

Anonymous said...

Houston's local Fox station has a contest page also. Go to:

Anonymous said...

93.7 The Arrow has a prize page too:

Anonymous said...

97.9 The Box has contests too:

Anonymous said...

103.7 Jack FM Win Stuff page:

Anonymous said...

Radio Disney - Listen to Win:


Anonymous said...

KILT 610AM Win Stuff:
You have to collect points and then trade them in to win stuff-

Anonymous said...

Party 93.3 has giveaways and sometimes movie passes:

Click HERE

Anonymous said...

Mega 101 has movie passes and more. To enter, Click HERE

Anonymous said...

Houston's 55 contest page:

Click HERE

Anonymous said...

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